CHIRON CNC Machine Tools

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CHIRON didn't start off making CNC machine tools. The company first manufactured surgical instruments when it was founded in 1921 and then experimented with other products like compressors, paint guns and road marking equipment until 1958, when they started manufacturing component parts for drilling, milling and thread cutting. It wasn't until the mid 1970s that CHIRON began manufacturing machining centers in earnest.

CHIRON has won multiple awards for innovation and quality in the manufacturing space. Among the award winning innovations were the four spindle TZ 12K W machining center and the FZ 08.2 chip-producing machine tool. Today, CHIRON continues to improve its machine tool technology and push the industry forward. CHIRON machines are commonly used in the automotive, aerospace, and medical industries. Call us at (844) 262-6789 for more information on our used CHIRON CNC machine inventory.

Used CHIRON CNC Lathes

CHIRON vertical lathes have an excellent reputation for quality and accuracy, thanks to several innovations available on most machines from their line. When shopping for a used CHIRON machine tool, check to see if the machine being offered has upgrades like 5-axis machining, rotary spindle tables, and multiple spindles. Used CHIRON CNC Lathes for sale

Profile machining

CHIRON machine tools are multi-functional units ideal for profile machining. They integrate all CNC processes into the same machine: thread-cutting, milling, turning, drilling, sawing and counter-sinking. This makes CHIRON machines suitable for both small- and large-scale projects.

5-axis machining

CHIRON machines can be upgraded to 5-axis machine tools that are perfect for 5-axis milling and CNC cutting applications. Positioning is much more precise and can be performed simultaneously while the machine is in operation. It comes integrated with a 2-axis rotary swivel table with direct angle measurement systems.

High-speed technology

Seconds ahead is CHIRON's slogan, and encourages the company to make the most efficient machines possible. CHIRON machines employ numerous minor improvements that, when taken together, add up to significant increases in efficiency and time savings.

Such improvements include:

  • Quick tool changes
  • Linear motor
  • Efficient workpiece change
  • Fast CHIRON motor spindles
  • Flexible automation

CHIRON CNC Machine Tool Models

CHIRON Machine Tool Model Type Model Names
08 Series Vertical FZ 08 S, FZ 08 W, DZ 08 S, DZ 08 W, FZ 08 S
12 Series Swiss Lathe FZ 12 S, FZ 12 W, DZ 12 S, DZ 12 W, FZ 12 S
15 Series Vertical FZ 15 S, FZ 15 W, DZ 15 S, DZ 15 W, FZ 15 S, TZ 15 S, TZ 15 W
16 Series Vertical FZ 16 S, DZ 16 W
18 Series Vertical FZ 18 S, FZ 18 W, DZ 18 S, DZ 18 W
25 SeriesVerticalDZ 25 P, DZ 25 S
MILL SeriesVerticalMILL 800, MILL 1250, MILL 2000, MILL 3000, MILL 4500, MILL 6000