Reserve Met: HAAS TR160-2 Tooling and Workholding

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Pre-owned HAAS TR160-2 2020 Tooling and Workholding. This Tooling and Workholding has average cutting time and is equipped with a CNC control. This CNC Machine is currently located in USA. This HAAS Tooling and Workholding is...Read More

Platter Diameter 6.3"
Max Weight on Platter 80 lbs
Part Swing Max 10.5"
Number of Std T-Slots 6

SPINDLE: A Axis Tilt
Max Speed 80 °/sec
Max Torque 150 ft-lb
Backlash 30 sec
Gear Ratio 63:1
Timing 2:1
Max Rotation ± 120 °
Resolution 0.001 °

SPINDLE: B Axis Rotary
Number 2 Platers
Max Speed 80 °/sec
Max Torque 100 ft-lbs
Backlash 30 arc-sec
Gear Ratio 63:1
Timing 2:1
Brake Torque @ 100 psi/6.9 bar

Export Crate 49 in x 21 in x 25 in
Weight 575 lbs

Brake Torque @ 100 psi/6.9 bar 200 ft-lbf
Update your 4th and 5th axis CNC capabilities to your Haas machine. This Haas Trunnion has dual spindles for increased productivity with max weight per platter: 80 lbs. Easy plug-and-play connection to Haas machines offering Industry performance and capabilities. Haas 5 Axis tables are Made in the USA

MFG date 10/2017
Rebuild in 2021 by Haas Automation
5 Axis
2x Plats for 2x Parts
Rebuilt by Haas