Haas SL30 CNC Lathe

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Though there are many Haas Lathes, the used Haas SL30 is one of the most dependable brand names. The Haas SL30 (sometimes written as SL-30) was introduced in 1999 as a mid-size CNC lathe. It is part of the SL-Series line which comes in three models, the SL-20 with a 20 swing, the SL-30 with a 30 swing and the SL-40, which has a 40 swing.

Used Haas SL30 For Sale

haas SL30

The History of Haas SL30

The Haas SL30 design was based on improvements to the HL-Series lathes and included large headstock castings with symmetric ribs for rigidity and stability, tailstock castings with a two-piece design for easy re-alignment, embedded chip trays, and higher-volume coolant tanks. The viewing window is polycarbonate. Haas SL-30 CNCs for sale features a 14.5 x 34 (max) and 30 swing. Common options include an automatic bar feeder, live tooling or the Big-Bore option. The SL-30 Big Bore lathes have a 17 max. turning diameter vs. 14.5 on the standard Haas SL-30 CNC.

Haas SL30 Specs

ModelSwingPowerBar CapacitySpindleChuck SizeDimensions
Haas ST-3030"30 hp3"2,000 RPM10"150 X 77 X 74 in
Haas ST-30T30"30 hp3"3,400 RPM10"161 X 77 X 74 in
Haas ST-30L30"30 hp3"3,400 RPM10"161 X 77 X 74 in
Haas ST-30TB30"30 hp3"3,400 RPM10"161 X 77 X 74 in
Haas ST-30M30"30 hp3"3,000 RPM10"151 X 77 X 74 in