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Haas makes a full line of turning centers (Haas lathes) including toolroom lathes, big-bore versions, dual-spindle models, live tooling with C-axis models and Y-axis capabilities. There is a lot of American-made Haas lathes available that are perfect for your production needs. Our Haas CNC machines team of experts can help you find the right used Haas lathe for your application. We update our used Haas CNC machinery daily based on owners directly listing their used Haas on our website. Our Haas lathes listings include chip conveyor, tool presetter, bar feeder and lots of great options to help you with your manufacturing needs.


Used Haas Lathe

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Haas CNC Lathe Models

ST Series: Designed to provide setup flexibility, extreme rigidity, and high thermal stability and economical prices. This is the workhorse lathe series. There are numerous models, from standard chuck lathes (ST-10 through ST-35) to lathes with added Y-axis (ST Series with Y) and large through-bore lathes (ST-40 and higher).

Dual-Spindle Series: A solution for done-in-one multi-operation parts with Y-axis turning, C-axis and live tooling these lathes are designed for the most complex parts that need to be done with one setup. Because of the increased part complexity and production speeds possible, this series is significantly more expensive than the others.

Toolroom Lathe Series: A great beginner lathe designed for start-up shops or as a first step into CNC machining. No G-code experience is necessary to operate this lathe.

Chucker Lathe: A very compact chucker lathe for prototyping or production work of precision parts. This lathe can be easily moved.

Haas Lathe Model Specs

ModelChuck SizeBar CapacitySpeedHorse Power
Haas ST Series6.5" - 18"1.75" - 12.5"1,000 - 6,000 RPM15 - 55 HP
Haas Dual Spindle10"3"4,500 RPM30 HP
Toolroom Lathe ( Haas TL )8" - 10"3"1,800 - 3,000 RPM10 HP
Haas Chucker Lathe5C1"6,000 RPM5 HP

Buying A Haas Lathe

For the best success, plan well. You may want to write an RFQ with a list of your specifications to narrow your search criteria. A used Haas lathes value should be based on the quality of the machine and capabilities. Theres no big mark-up from the manufacturer like there is for new machines. After the initial depreciation, Haas used CNC machines hold their value well. Youll find pricing varies depending on the condition, number of spindle hours, the age of the CNC and the options that are included.

The Haas CNC lathe basic configurations have changed relatively over little over the years, making it a great option to buy used. Because of its popularity, finding machinists for the Haas lathe is easier than that for less popular machines and controls. Youll find variations in the processors, in the control, tooling and fixturing options, bar-feeder options, turret speeds, and power.