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Mikron Machining is committed to revolutionizing the manufacturing process with high performance Vertical Machining Center systems. Streamlining production, reducing costs and increasing quality are just a few of Mikron's ambitious goals that have been made possible by their pioneering gear cutting machines. With years of experience rooted in innovation culture, Mikron ensures customers improve processes for maximum profitability. Looking to buy a Mikron VMC? Let the helpful sales staff of CNCMachines.com help you find the right Mikron CNC machine for your shop.

Mikron CNC Machines

Established in 1908, Maschinenfabrik Mikron AG began as a cornerstone of the Swiss watchmaking industry. After strategically acquiring Albe SA and its Tokyo branch in 1986, it soon became the world's leading producer of machining systems specialized for one particular application area. In 2021, Mikron merged four subsidiaries across Switzerland, thereby creating an organized Group ready to take on any number of new challenges.Mikron CNC Machines For Sale

Mikron Machining is a global leader in machining technology, with over 523 employees located at four international locations: Agno (Switzerland), Rottweil (Germany), Monroe (USA) and Shanghai (China). With 7,000 systems installed around the world, Mikron has positioned itself as one of the most highly sought after precision engineering companies in the global market.

Major Market Segments

Mikron Machining is a century old partner to the best in their industry, providing reliable and precise CNC machines used by major markets including automotive, energy production and automation. With 110 years of Swiss expertise in machining technology, combined with an inherent passion for precision engineering, Mikron Machining is confident they will continue as a trusted market leader for many future generations. Some of the industries where Mikron Machining technology is used include:

  • Electronics Manufacturing
  • Automotive Industry
  • Consumer Goods
  • Hydraulic and Pneumatic Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Medical Industry
  • Industrial and Building

At Mikron Machining, customers can experience productivity and quality gains by utilizing their comprehensive high performance production solutions. From start to finish, these turnkey vertical machining centers provide an ideal framework for advanced manufacturing processes.

Mikron Machining Systems

Mikron offers exceptional flexibility with its world class CNC machining platform, allowing effortless reconfiguration for any kind of specialized task. Some of the top series include:

  • Mikron MultiX: From productivity to cost, Mikron MultiX has got your machining needs covered. It allows you to freely combine the platform elements for a unique and customized solution tailored specifically for you. And with its revolutionary patent concept providing simple reconfiguration when switching between applications, it's sure to increase efficiency in any workspace. But thats not all, this advanced system features direct machining from bars (turning or milling), up 3 simultaneous working units at each station, multispindle lathe capabilities, plus a diverse set of versatile machining units ranging in size, so whatever requirement arises, Mikron can take care of it quickly and easily.
  • Mikron Multistar: With revolving speeds of 32,000 RPM and a capacity to produce 12 million pieces per year, the Mikron Multistar is an extremely efficient transfer machine for high volume production. This powerful technology can achieve precision within tight tolerances such as: external diameter (turned) 0.01mm, internal diameter (reamed) 0.01mm and length between machined surfaces of 0.02mm, all through 20 operating processes including turning, milling, drilling, reaming, deburring and forming. Additionally, it has integrated 100% extraction force measurement capabilities in its process too, making this one truly versatile powerhouse that should not be underestimated.
  • Mikron VX: Combining precision engineering with reverse innovation, Mikron VX allows for individual links of luxury watch bracelets to be manufactured in record time. Using a high powered Mikron VX-10 machining system, reliable production rates reaching up to 8 pieces per minute can easily be achieved on stainless steel bar stocks or wires, even when different lengths are required. Unrivaled performance and efficiency without compromise, that's the power behind machining on 6 sides from Mikron VX.

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