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OKK USA carries 5-Axis machining centers, horizontal machining centers and vertical machining centers in a number series for various applications. Keep reading to learn more about OKK as a company and valuable tips you can use when purchasing a used OKK CNC.

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OKK CNC Machine

OKK History

OKK Corporation has been in business since 1915, though under different names over the years. In 1998, they received their first significant order for horizontal machining centers in the United States, (which were purchased for use in the automotive industry). You can find machines from OKK CNC manufactured as far back as 1988. They have offices around the world including in Canada, Mexico, Korea, Indonesia, China and Thailand.

OKK USA is Based in Tokyo

OKK CNC is a publicly traded company on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. As of 2018, OKK Corporation is reported to have 759 employees around the world and nine subsidiaries. In the United States, the OKK USA Corporation head office is located in Glendale Height, IL (near Chicago) and a regional office located in Irvine, California. Machine tools are OKK Corporation's core business, and they are focused on creating heavy duty cutting tools with high rigidity for higher efficiency and increased machine accuracy. For support, they suggest calling 630-924-9000 or sending them a message.

OKK Controls

OKK Corporation uses controls from Fanuc and Mitsubishi on their CNC machines. You should find listed the specific type of control on each individual listing. Keep in mind that you may be able to update controls if you are buying an older machine. If you find an OKK VM7 for sale, look for the Fanuc 16i control. This is an example of the control types common on OKK CNC machines.

Used OKK Vertical Machining Center Series Information

OKK CNC Mill series is divided into 5 main classes:

  • VM R Series: Designed for ultra-heavy-duty cutting with large box ways, high torque and high horsepower spindles for hard-to-machine materials like Inconels, titanium or mold work.
  • VP Series: Designed for speed with a bridge style structure for increased rigidity combined with the largest cross linear roller guides in class, 40 taper spindles, and an option for direct-drive pallet changers.
  • VB Series: One size designed for mold work at a competitive price.
  • KCV Series: Designed for long aerospace and oilfield parts, but the 5-axis models are also common for automotive industry manufacturing of some truck/semi-axle parts.
  • VC Series: Designed to be economical, compact and high performing machining centers

OKK Horizontal Machining Center Series Information

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The OKK horizontal machining center comes under three main series types as of 2019, the MCH R Series, HMC Series, and HM Series. The MCH R Series is designed for ultra-heavy-duty cutting with large box ways and high torque spindles which work well for exotic materials. If you need an OKK horizontal machining center that can handle hard to process materials like Inconel, titanium, and Hastelloy, this could be a good series of machines for you to consider. You will find the model numbers all start with MCH and end with R in this series. This series has been in production for a while, though not with the R until recently. The newest models are designed to produce up to 1,348 ft/lbs of spindle torque.

OKK HM Models

The OKK horizontal machining center series with the most options is the HM series. It comes in a large range of sizes and with 50 taper and large cross roller guides. The HM1600, for example, has 94 x 64 x 68 (X, Y, Z-Axis) travels, 50 spindle taper, FANUC 31-iA5 controls and a cutting feed rate of about 788 ipm.The OKK horizontal machining center HMC series is the fastest series reaching 1G in acceleration with the largest cross linear roller guides in class and 40 taper spindles. They are constructed with lightweight columns featuring a rigid stepped X-axis rail design and have a rapid feed rate of 2480 inches per minute on the 2018 models.

OKK 5-Axis Machining Center Series Information

The OKK 5-axis machining center series is divided into 5 main classes:

  • HMX Series: Designed for ultra-heavy-duty cutting with a high power 50 taper with dual anchored core, chilled ball screws and linear cross roller guides.
  • VCX Series: A vertical bridge-type machining center based off the high production VP series with big plus 40 taper chilled spindles with high horsepower and large cross roller guideways.
  • VMX R Series: A tilting head vertical series based on the VMR series machines.
  • KCV-5AX Series: A tilting head designed for long aerospace/oilfield parts and automotive industry manufacturing of some truck/semi-axle parts.
  • VG Series: 50 taper bridge-type machine with auto pallet changer system (2 APC).