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Okuma CNC lathe machining centers from Okuma Corporation are great machine tool options for your CNC Lathe needs. Okuma is a leading manufacturer of lathe CNC machines and their turning centers are used widely in large manufacturing industries. If you're looking for the right CNC control lathe by Okuma, Our team can help you find the right machine for your operation. Call us at 844-262-6789.

Used Okuma Lathe


Okuma Product Lines and Technology Through Today

Okuma provides a diverse product line including lathes, machining centers, grinders and laser cutters. Okuma CNC mills are available as vertical mills and double-column horizontal mills, in a wide range of sizes and configurations.

The Okuma CNC lathe is a mainstay for many machine shops around the country. In 1985 they claimed to be the worlds largest machine tool builder and second largest manufacturer of CNC controls, and by 1992 they had built over 3000 machines. Many machinists are loyal to the Okuma brand. Along with Mazak and Haas, Okuma is one of the top machine tool brand names in the North American market.

Okuma Lathe Series Numbers

Okuma Series numbers offered today include the Genos, LB, Multus, LT (1998-1990), LF, LU, 2SP, LAW, VTM, LB, and V. Older series included the Cadet, Crown, Captain, LB, LC 20, MacTurn, SpaceTurn, ES, ESV, to name a few.

The Okuma Cadet Series includes models:

  • Cadet LNC-8C
  • Cadet LNC-8M
  • Cadet LNC-8 (1997)
  • Cadet L1420
  • Cadet V4020 (1991)
  • Cadet-V (1997)
  • Cadet-VMC-40VB

The Okuma Captain Series (which came after the Cadet Series) includes models:

  • Captain L370 (Available as L370MW and L370BB)
  • Captain L470 (Available as L470M)

Okuma CNC Lathe Options

Today used Okuma machines are available in many configurations including, single spindle, dual spindle, 5-axis, CNC Swiss lathe, turret, twin turret turning center, and CNC multi-spindle lathes. Okumas broad range of lathes with a wide variety of bore sizes, bed lengths, and optional features make it possible for many parts to be completed on a single machine. As a brand, you can depend on used Okuma machines and Okuma lathes for sale to provide great operating efficiency and flexibility.

Okuma Makes Reliable Lathes

Okuma is an industry leading lathe manufacturer with reliable, accurate lathes that range from affordable, entry-level lathes to multi-axis, high speed, high performance and high precision turning centers. For any application, a used Okuma machine, in the right configuration, is sure to be an excellent choice to produce machined parts. According to Modern Machine Shop, there are nearly 500 combinations of bore sizes, live tooling, sub-spindles, bed-lengths and optional features. Okuma typically configures new machines to meet their customers needs, so the configurations of used Okuma machines varies greatly. You can replace old controllers on used Fadal machines with new controllers.