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CNC Metal Cutting Saws

When looking to buy a saw there are many types of saws including manual, semi-automatic, and automatic metalworking band saws. Selecting a used saw to use for metal cutting can be overwhelming. Youll need to consider the level of automation, the style of the saw, as well as the type of materials that you will be cutting.

Automation Level

When selecting a saw for your shop, think about how much operator involvement you will need on the equipment. A manual saw will require the most operator time and effort. The operator will be feeding the saw manually, as the name implies. For less operator effort, consider a semi-automatic saw. A semi-automatic can raise the saw head, for example, but the operator will still need to load material. The most automatic solution is a used CNC saw. With a CNC metal cutting saw, the operator programs the equipment to make the cut. A programmable CNC or automatic bandsaw may be able to cut stock 24 hours a day for high-volume production. The amount of operator effort depends on the specific CNCs configuration.

Power Saw Styles

Bandsaw: In a metal cutting band saw, the blade is a sharp band of continuous toothed metal that is moved on two or more wheels to cut material. Bandsaws for metal are often rigged for coolant and might have blade brushes. On a metal-cutting bandsaw, the gears are optimized for lower speeds and more torque than on a wood-cutting bandsaw.

Vertical Band Saw: A used vertical band saw can make intricate curves as well as straight cuts. Some machines come with a blade welder which helps you get to the middle of a cut.

Chop Saw: One of the kinds of used saws for sale on our site is the industrial chop saw. A chop saw can make quick and accurate crosscuts on a workpiece. It may operate with or without cutting lubricants. A dry chop saw with a carbide toothed blade can make a clean, fast cut with no prep work after cutting.

Circular Saw: A metal-cutting circular saw has different gearing in it than a wood-cutting circular saw. As the name implies, a circular saw has a circular blade. Industrial circular saws are much different from hobbyist circular saws. Be aware of the quality you need before purchase.