Used STAR SR32J CNC Lathe

Pre-owned STAR SR32J 2013 CNC Lathe for only $149,000. This CNC Lathe has average cutting time and is equipped with a CNC control. This CNC Machine is currently located in NM. This STAR CNC Lathe is the only one in stock and available for a limited time. Get a quote today on this SR32J before it's gone.

Bar Capacity: 32mm / 1.25"
Spindle Speed: 7,000 RPM
Spindle Motor: 10 HP
Z Axis Travel: 12.2"
Rapid Rate Z Axis: 944 IPM
Rapid Rate X Axis: 944 IPM
Number of Axis: 7
Main spindle (headstock) Z1 / C1 axis
Tool post 1 X1 / Y1 axis
Max. machining diameter 32 mm / 34 mm (option)
Max. headstock stroke (standard) 310 mm
Max. headstock stroke with flexible guide bush unit 280 mm
Drive power main spindle 7.5 kW
Max. main spindle speed 7,000 rpm
Tools on the tool post
Turning tools 6 tools (16 mm)
Drilling tools
(4-spindle sleeve holder) 4 tools (1 x 32 mm / 3 x 32 mm sleeves)
Cross driven tools 5 tools (ER16)
Speed 5,000 rpm

Sub spindle X2 / Z2 / C2 axis
Max. chucking diameter 32 mm
Drive power 3.7 kW
Max. sub spindle speed 7,000 rpm
Backworking tools
Drilling tools
(4-station tool holder) 4 tools (Ø 22 mm sleeve)
Drive unit (standard) 4 tools (ER16)
Equipped With:
Chip Conveyor
Jon (Machine Shop in USA)