STAR CNC Swiss Lathe Machines

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Star CNC Machine Tool Corp specializes in manufacturing Swiss lathe CNC machines and their products are among the best in the world. Originally founded in 1948 as a manufacturer of miniature components, Star CNC has since expanded into automatic lathes and are known for fast and efficient machine tools that can stand up to rigorous and demanding production schedules. We carry Star CNC Swiss lathe machines of all models and years, at a flexible price range that can accommodate any budget. Our expert team has over 30 years of accumulated experience in machine tools and can leverage this in helping you find a product thats best for your unique needs. Call us at (844) 262-6789 for assistance.

Star CNC Swiss Lathes

Star CNC made in Shizuoka, Japan

Star CNC machine tools are made in Shizuoka, Japan and are high quality Swiss-type turning machines for the production of small, complex and precise metal components. Star CNCs engineers are continually improving machine ergonomics, tool reliability and system performance. star cnc lathe swiss for sale

Star CNC Motion Control System

Control your machine tools operation with extreme precision thanks to the Star CNC Motion Control System. Star CNCs custom developed control system lets you easily manage the position of multiple tools, the tool feed rate and the machining speed in CAM operated lathes. Each Star CNC Motion Control System can function independently for rapid production. The Star CNC Motion Control System is available on select Star CNC models.

High-Frequency Turning (HFT)

This revolutionary software technology controls chip breakage for difficult-to-chip materials including aluminum, brass, stainless steel, copper, plastic and more. With HFT software installed, you can extend tool life and increase machine productivity with less operator intervention.

The HFT software can used in conjunction with FANUCs canned cycles, but can also be retrofitted for older machine models and CNC controls. The software is easily added to any program with two additional lines of code.

Rotary Magic GB

The Rotary Magic Guide Bush Unit is an advanced guide bush system developed by Star CNC that removes the need to constantly measure bars and adjust guide bushes. Your operators will enjoy trouble free operation while at the same time working with increased tooling speed and prediction.

It manages the variations in bar diameters independently and keeps clearance between the guide bush unit and the material at zero.The Rotary Magic GB accomplishes this by controlling the guide bush through constant air pressure.

Star CNC Machine Tool Models

Although Star CNC sells Swiss-type lathes exclusively, there is still plenty of variety. From the modular design of the SR-32JII to the dual control system of the ECAS-20, there are Star CNC models to accommodate different applications and price ranges.

Star CNC Machine Tools: Swiss Lathes

STAR Swiss Lathe Models Type Model Names
Star ECAS Swiss Lathe ECAS-20, ECAS-32T
Star SB Swiss Lathe SB-12R/G, SB-16R, SB-20R
Star SR Swiss Lathe SR-10J, SR-20J, SR-20JII, SR-20R IV, SR-32J/JN, SR-32JII, SR-38, SR-38J
Star ST Swiss Lathe ST-20, ST-38
Star SV Swiss Lathe SV-20R, SV-38R
Star SWSwiss LatheSW-12R II, SW-20