Pre-owned 2001 DAEWOO PUMA 230MS CNC Lathe. With advanced machining capabilities, this machine is ready to take your production workflow to new heights. The DAEWOO PUMA 230MS is an advanced CNC Lathe featuring the dependable Fanuc 18T CNC control system. This control system delivers consistent, precise and smooth operations, hence bringing exceptional value to your shop floor. The intuitive interface of Fanuc 18T makes it remarkably user-friendly, enabling new operators to quickly familiarize themselves with the system and expert users to fine-tune for intricate running jobs. This particular machine has numerous options and upgrades that contribute to a seamless, well-rounded overall performance. The inclusion of a Chip Conveyor greatly enhances the machine's functionality by automatically removing chips from the work area and maintaining a clean workspace. This not only helps in maintaining the overall efficiency of the machine but also extends the life of the cutting tools by keeping them cooler.  The 2001 DAEWOO PUMA 230MS comes equipped with a Parts Catcher – a convenient feature that automatically separates finished parts from the work area, preventing any collisions and potential damages. This not only boosts the overall efficiency and speed of the machine, but it also minimizes the possibility of operator errors, resulting in a steady production flow. Live Tooling is an essential upgrade for those looking for complex machining capabilities. The PUMA 230MS' rigid, built-in live tooling allows for milling, drilling and tapping operations, transforming it into a versatile, multi-tasking solution. The live tooling function significantly expands the range of potential applications, from basic turning to intricate milling processes. One of the notable features of this powerful CNC Lathe is the presence of a Sub Spindle, which elevates its already impressive capabilities. This secondary spindle enables you to perform back-end machining and reduce secondary operations, consequently improving productivity and reducing cycle times. The Sub Spindle also adds versatility by accommodating diverse workholding arrangements and accommodating a variety of workpiece sizes. In conclusion, the 2001 DAEWOO PUMA 230MS CNC Lathe, coupled with its array of advanced features and upgrades, is a valuable addition to any workshop looking to enhance their production capabilities. This machine is more than capable of delivering outstanding results and will undoubtedly become an indispensable tool in your manufacturing arsenal. Don't miss this exceptional opportunity to own a high-performance CNC Lathe that is as versatile as it is high-performing, so grab it before someone else does!

Bar Capacity: 2.5"
Chuck Size: 8"
Sub Spindle:: 5"
Sub Spindle Speed:: 6,000RPM
Spindle Speed: 4,500 RPM
Spindle Motor: 20 HP
X Axis Travel: 9"
Z Axis Travel: 22.8"
C Axis: 360 Deg (.0001)
Rapid Rate Z Axis: 1,200 IPM
Turret Tools: 12 Station
Rapid Rate X Axis: 945 IPM
Max Turning Dia: 11.4"
Max Turning Length: 22.9"
Max Swing: 21.7"
Dimensions: 130" x 67" x 72"
Weight: 9,569 LBS
Fanuc 18T
Chip Conveyor
Tool Presetter
Parts Catcher
Live Tooling
Sub Spindle
B Axis


This deal went awesome, I'm super impressed!

End of Lease Manager

US Bank

Very easy to deal with and professional. Made the selling process headache free with options based on my time frame.

Deanna L.

Precision Grinding Inc.

Michael helped me sell 3 Haas machines over the summer of 2016. CNC Machines was professional and effective at getting all of the machines sold.

Mark W.

Clark Machine is a top notch company! Now that I know you can purchase a machine online with someone that can be trusted, I will go back to for future purchases.

Chris A.

Robert Alten Inc.

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