Hurco CNC Mill

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In 1997, Hurco introduced the VMX series of CNC 3-axis mills, which is still produced today. In 2003, the VM Series was launched as general purpose CNC Mills and 5-axis VTXU CNC machining centers were introduced. You may find a used Hurco mill in the TM series with slant-bed lathes built in 2004. This was when the TM series was launched.

Used Hurco CNC Mill

hurco cnc mill

Hurco was founded in 1958 by Gerald Roch and Edward Humston. Mr. Roche grew up around a tool and die shop and had a passion for building things. When computers began to emerge in the 1960s, even though they were large and cumbersome, Mr. Roch envisioned them working with machines. He obtained patents for interactive control technology which was later called conversational programing. The Hurco CNC mill is known for easy to learn and easy to use programming.

Hurco Acquisitions

In 2015, Hurco acquired two machine tool builder companies, Milltronics and Takumi. In recent years, these brands carry Hurco mill turn control features.

Types of Hurco Mills

High Speed Hurco CNC Mills: Have the H in the series name for example VMX24HSi

Performance Hurco CNC Mills: VMX machining centers for production runs

General Purpose CNC Mills: VM Series are 3-axis on a smaller footprint than other machines

Hurco Machining Centers: Vertical Machining Center Series

Hurco VMC ModelModel Names
Hurco BMCHurco BMC 2416, Hurco BMC 30, Hurco BMC 30/M, Hurco BMC 30/SSM
Hurco HawkHurco HAWK 30, Hurco HAWK 5, Hurco HAWK 5M
Hurco VMHurco VM 50/40T, Hurco VM1, Hurco VM10 GRAPHITE, Hurco VM10, Hurco VM2, Hurco VM30
Hurco VMXHurco VMX 50/40T, Hurco VMX24, Hurco VMX30, Hurco VMX42I, Hurco VMX42SWI, Hurco VMX50, Hurco VMX50I, Hurco VMX50I-50T, Hurco VMX60UI, Hurco VMX64, Hurco VMX64/50T, Hurco VMX84, Hurco VMX84/50T,Hurco VSX24

Hurco Machining Centers: 5-Axis CNC Machining Centers

Hurco 5-axis CNC machining centers give you access to all five sides of a prismatic workpiece, eliminates additional setups, and can be justified for a wide range of applications. When your parts are complex, or when you need to reduce setup time for pieces that require multiple setups on a 3-axis CNC, a 5-axis Hurco machining center can make a big difference. Machine shops justify buying a 5-axis based on dramatic reductions in total setup time, machine time, and reduced fixturing.

Even if you dont need 5-axis yet, you can increase your profit margins on parts made currently on a 3-axis. The 5-axis Hurco CNC mill has conversational programming for features on 5-sided parts. This programming doesnt require a CAM system, which makes it more intuitive that many other brands of 5-axis CNC machines.

Series Numbers for 5-Axis Hurco Mill

  • Hurco BX30U
  • Hurco VMX30I
  • Hurco VMX30U
  • Hurco VMX42
  • Hurco VTXU
  • Hurco VTXUI

Hurco 5 Axis Mill Options

  • Trunnion 5-Axis Hurco Mill Uses same principles as a 3-axis machine
  • Swivel head 5-Axis Huro Mill Good for heavier parts, better chip control, unlimited angular C-Axis movement