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Industrial laser cutters are used across many different industries. These include, but are not limited to, aerospace, military, medical, automotive and any other industries that require a very high degree of precision that only a CNC laser machine can provide. When looking for the right Industrial laser cutter, our team at is committed to getting you the best laser cutting machines for sale at the best possible price. Our inventory is updated daily with upfront pricing and instant quotes. Call us today at (844) 262-6789 and let's discuss your next CNC laser cutter.

Laser Cutting Systems

Laser cutters are machines that use a computer to precisely target the material to be sliced with a powerfully focused laser beam.

Industrial Applications of Laser Cutters

There are several industrial operations that benefit from the increased efficiency and adaptability provided by laser cutting machines. In modern production, lasers are utilized for micron-precise metal cutting that leaves no burrs and little heat impact on the surrounding metal. Small, complex pieces may be manufactured from a variety of materials without the need for additional finishing processes, increasing manufacturing efficiency. Aerospace, automotive, military, defense, medical devices, plumbing and other industrial sectors have all reaped benefits from laser use in production.

Types of Laser Cutting Machines

There are two major types of Industrial laser cutters available. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) lasers are used for cutting thicker materials while lower power output Fiber Laser cutters are utilized for thinner materials.

Carbon dioxide lasers (Gas CO2 Lasers) have existed for a while but depending on your application, they offer multiple advantages. CO2 lasers are often used in industrial applications for cutting and welding because they have higher power levels and aren't too expensive. CO2 laser cutting systems are also more versatile and can handle a wider range of applications, materials, and cuts than diffraction-limited lasers. This makes them perfect for cutting thicker materials while still getting a high-quality edge finish.

With a Fiber Laser cutting machine, the same job can be done faster and with less power output. You might be able to lower your monthly utility bill if you use less energy. While Fiber Lasers can be used to cut through thicker materials, they are best utilized for cutting thinner material. Fiber Laser cutting systems are also less likely to break when they are hit from behind.

Popular brands of Laser Cutters

When researching for the right new or used laser cutter, finding the right brand can be a good step. The right brand will offer the best support and customer service for your purchase, or the right brand when buying a used laser can hold its value over time.

Some of the most popular brands that sell Laser cutters are:

  • TRUMPF: Trumpf, which has its roots in Germany dating back to 1923, is a global leader in industrial machine tools, laser technology and electrical technology. Established in 1923, Trumpf has grown to become an industry pioneer in many different sectors on the global market and technological fronts.
  • BYSTRONIC: Swiss in origin, Bystronic got its start in 1964. The firm is dedicated to automating the whole material and information flow of the bending and cutting process. Its product offerings include laser cutting systems, press brake machines, and related software and automation services.
  • AMADA: Amada is a significant global corporation that has been producing numerical control punches, press brake machines, plate shearing machines, and laser cutting machines since its 1946 founding in Japan.
  • MAZAK: Mazak, a Japanese company established in 1919, is a leader in the fields of compound machining, five-axis machining, milling, turning, computer numerical control (CNC), and automation. It is one of the few companies in the machine tool industry that has a truly worldwide manufacturing footprint. Mazak's laser machine is the smartest in the world since it not only cuts 3D parts but also has profile-cutting capabilities and specialized software.

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