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Make precision cuts and create intricate designs with Laguna Tools CNC routers. Choose from 3-axis or 5-axis models to equip your home workshop, industrial facility, or anywhere in between. Known for their durability and ease of use, these top of the line CNC routers are sure to provide reliable performance every time! Find the perfect one for your business at

Searching for a Laguna Tools CNC Router?

Laguna Tools is an American manufacturer that has been in the business for over 30 years and has a strong reputation for producing high quality equipment for woodworkers, cabinet makers, and other professionals.Laguna Tools CNC Router For Sale

Laguna CNC routers are widely used in

  • Cabinet making: Laguna CNC routers are an invaluable tool for furniture makers, enabling them to craft precise cabinet components with razor-sharp accuracy. From doors and drawer fronts to intricate shapes and designs, Laguna puts the creativity back into carpentry!
  • Sign making: With the help of a Laguna CNC router, intricate signs and lettering can be crafted to perfection. From logos to art pieces, this technology has revolutionized how our environments are decorated!
  • Wood carving and sculpture: CNC routers can be used to create intricate, three dimensional shapes and designs in wood.
  • Furniture making: Furniture making just got a lot easier with the help of Laguna CNC routers. You can now perform intricate cuts and shapes for furniture components, allowing you to bring your design vision to life! From legs and arms to elaborate ornaments, let technology take care of all that hard work.
  • Wood engraving: CNC routers can be used to engrave designs, patterns, and text onto wood surfaces.
  • Customized product manufacturing: CNC routers can be used to create customized products such as jewelry boxes, picture frames and more.

They also have a range of additional machines such as Edgebanders, Panel Saws, Dust Collectors, Lasers and more. Laguna's CNC machines are known for their precision, durability, and ease of use. They also provide training, support and service for their machines.

Top Models offered by Laguna Tools

At Laguna Tools, you can find the perfect CNC router to fit your needs. With a range of models available, they offer some of the best on the market. From sleek and modern designs with enhanced features like dust collection systems, to more sophisticated models that are ready for high precision applications, here are some of the top models offered by Laguna:

  1. SmartShop M: A compact, entry level CNC router that is ideal for small workshops and hobbyists.
  2. SmartShop 2: A versatile, mid-range CNC router that is suitable for a wide variety of applications, including cabinet making, sign making, and more.
  3. SmartShop 3: A high performance CNC router that is designed for industrial use and features a large working area, high speed spindle, and advanced software.
  4. SmartShop IV: A top of the line CNC router that is designed for heavy-duty industrial use and features a large working area, high speed spindle, and advanced software.
  5. Fusion Pro: A 5 axis CNC router that is ideal for complex, three dimensional applications such as sculpting, relief carving, and more.
  6. Fusion CNC: A 5 axis CNC router that is designed for precision and speed, with a large working area, high speed spindle, and advanced software.

It is worth noting that these are some examples of models that Laguna Tools has been selling and it is always good to call when looking for a specific model or specifications.

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