Haas Toolroom Mill

Year: Newest - Oldest

If your looking for a machine that can help you with the flexibility of prototyping or machining parts for a fast-paced workplace the Haas toolroom mill is the right CNC mill for your needs. This Haas machine is built to replace that old-school manual mill but with features that combine manual milling and computer-controlled operations. The Haas TM models come in 6 different versions, from the TM-1, TM-2, and TM-3 to the "P" models. This Haas mill also makes it fast and easy to change tools with its auto drawbar for tool retention. Lastly, the Haas toolroom mill is perfect for beginner machinists since it comes standard with Haas Visual Quick Code and can also be modified with G-Code. Increase your productivity and part qualities today with the Haas Toolroom mills.