Hurco VM Series 3 Axis Mills

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Hurco is a company that prides itself on utilizing the latest in computer and software technology to build highly competitive machine tool solutions. The two founders, Edward Humston and Gerald Roch, were among the first to apply computer technology to the creation of machine parts. Today, the company has continued to apply this principle to all of its products, utilizing the best software tools possible in both the design and creation of machine tool products and applying them within the CNC machine itself. The Hurco VM-Series 3 axis mills epitomizes this philosophy by providing a full-featured, highly capable, general purpose machine tool with a compact footprint. Contact us at (844) 262-6789 to learn more.

Used Hurco VM-Series For Sale

3-Axis CNC Mills


The Hurco VM-Series of machine tools are a sturdy general purpose machine tool with an excellent reputation for reliability and accuracy. Its a 3-axis machining center that is efficiently designed to have a large work cube while occupying a relatively small space on the factory floor. A large part of this efficient use of space comes from its one piece machine base, which is made of a solid cast iron frame.

Conversational Programming

All Hurco VM-Series machines benefit from conversational programming, which was developed by Hurco co-founder Gerald Roch. Conversational programming drastically simplifies G-code programming and gives the CNC machinist greater power and control over the tools operation. This makes Hurco machines suitable for both highly complex manufacturing systems and smaller-scale, one-off or 2D manufacturing jobs.

Buying a used Hurco VM-Series

Older Hurco VM-Series models like the VM1 can be found for as low as $15,000, although more recent base models or models with a lot of upgrades can often be listed for $25,000 or higher. Check if your used VM-Series unit includes the WinMax operating system, the Hurco Max Control panel, or the UltiMotion control technology, which reduces cycle time by 30% and improves surface finish. Any of these control features will greatly increase the value of your purchase.

Before buying any used Hurco VM-Series, thoroughly inspect it for signs of neglect and defects. Get as many photos as you can from the seller and, if possible, do an in-person inspection before finalizing the purchase. Maintenance records are helpful in determining how much life is left in the unit, as well as knowing how many hours a day the unit has been used.

If youre ever in doubt, you can always reach out to our sales team and ask questions about the model and any comparative models that youre considering.

Hurco VM-Series Models and Specs

Hurco VM Models Taper Axis Spindle Tool Capacity Travels
VM1 40 3 8,000 RPM 20 26x14x18
VM2 40 3 8,000 RPM 16 40x18x18
VM5i 40 3 8,000 RPM 16 18x14x14
VM10i 40 3 12,000 RPM 20 26x16x20
VM10HSi 40 3 20,000 RPM 12 26x16x20
VM20i 40 3 12,000 RPM 12 40x20x20
VM30i 40 3 12,000 RPM 12 50x20x20