2012 MAZAK Quick Turn Nexus 250MY II CNC Lathe with Tailstock, Parts Catcher, Live Tooling & Y-Axis n: Introducing a high-quality, pre-owned 2012 MAZAK Quick Turn Nexus (QTN) 250MY II CNC Lathe fitted with the advanced Mazatrol Matrix Nexus CNC control system. This machine is well-equipped with a range of versatile options and upgrades, allowing it to accommodate various manufacturing applications across different industries. With a strong history of consistent performance and a reputation for being a top-class CNC lathe, this 2012 MAZAK QTN250MY II is the ideal choice for businesses looking to enhance their production capabilities while maintaining cost-effectiveness. Key Features: 1. CNC Control: The 2012 MAZAK QTN250MY II is outfitted with the Mazatrol Matrix Nexus CNC control system, which offers faster processing speeds, enhanced user-friendliness, and superior performance. The control system combines user-friendly programming with advanced technology, allowing operators to handle complex part geometries easily and accurately. 2. Tailstock: This machine comes with a tailstock, which provides additional support for longer and more stable workpieces. The tailstock offers improved positioning flexibility and repeatability, which is essential for achieving accurate results on intricate components. 3. Parts Catcher: To enhance the productivity and efficiency of your manufacturing processes, the 2012 MAZAK QTN250MY II is furnished with a parts catcher. This useful feature ensures smooth and unattended operation by automatically collecting finished parts, which can then be easily retrieved by the operator. 4. Live Tooling: The live tooling feature included with this CNC lathe empowers businesses to execute multiple operations – such as milling, drilling, and boring – on a single machine, reducing the need for secondary processing. This not only optimizes your production line but also simplifies the overall manufacturing process, saving both time and money. 5. Y-Axis Movement: Having a Y-axis movement capability allows this 2012 MAZAK QTN250MY II to perform complex and intricate machining operations, such as off-centerline milling and multi-face turning. Expanding your capabilities in this way ensures that you can produce a diverse range of components, even those with complicated specifications, thus increasing your competitiveness in the market. 6. Additional Features: 

The 2012 MAZAK QTN250MY II offers a comprehensive package of features and capabilities that make it suitable for various manufacturing applications. Contact us today to schedule an inspection or request additional information about this exceptional CNC lathe.

Bar Capacity: 3"
Chuck Size: 10"
Spindle Speed: 4,000 RPM
Spindle Motor: 35 HP
Upper Turret 6000 RPM
Turret Motor 10 HP
X Axis Travel: 9"
Z Axis Travel: 22.76"
Turret Tools: 12 Station
Max Turning Dia: 14.76"
Max Turning Length: 19.85"
Max Swing: 26.6"
Mazatrol Matrix Nexus
Parts Catcher
Live Tooling
Y Axis

We recently purchased two extremely clean Mazak mills from CNC Machines. They were prepped and shipped to us with attention paid to every detail. Everything was very professional, from the appointment through the financing. We are very pleased!

Victor Costa

C & C Enterprises

This deal went awesome, I'm super impressed!

End of Lease Manager

US Bank

Very easy to deal with and professional. Made the selling process headache free with options based on my time frame.

Deanna L.

Precision Grinding Inc.

Michael helped me sell 3 Haas machines over the summer of 2016. CNC Machines was professional and effective at getting all of the machines sold.

Mark W.

Clark Machine is a top notch company! Now that I know you can purchase a machine online with someone that can be trusted, I will go back to for future purchases.

Chris A.

Robert Alten Inc.

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