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Tormach started with a conversation between two friends who lived in Madison, WI. Both worked in manufacturing automation, and had the idea of creating an affordable, small-scale CNC machine that individuals could use in their own personal workshops. Thus, the Personal CNC unit was born. Tormach was formally founded in 2001 with the attitude of "geeks with tools," and sold thousands of machines within their first 10 years in business. All this is done without a single commissioned salesperson. 60% of the Tormach staff have science or engineering degrees, and two members have engineering PhDs. This unique arrangement helps keep prices low and the machines accessible.

Tormach CNC Machine Tools

A Product of the USA

All Tormachs products are engineered and supported in the USA. The company is 100% employee-owned and allows employees to take greater leadership in the organization. Products are not designed in China and resold in the United States like other machine tool brands. Instead, Tormach has full control over the design and engineering process, while manufacturing is handled in China to keep costs low. A dedicated QA team guarantees the integrity of every single unit shipped to North America. Used tormach cnc machines for sale

Tormach Brand Ambassadors

Tormach has relationships with prominent makers and builders.

  • Titan Gilroy is the CEO of Titans of CNC Inc., which is both an advanced production facility in Rocklin, CA, and an online CNC Academy.
  • Grant Imahara is a host on the MythBusters television show and Netflix show The White Rabbit Project. He is involved with the special effects division of Industrial Light and Magic and has worked on several major films, including Star Wars.
  • Lisa Winter is a Robot Wars champion and does rapid prototypes for Mattel. Shes been a roboticist since childhood and has 20 years of experience designing and building robots to participate in robot competitions.
  • John Saunders is the creator of YouTube channel NYC CNC, and has owned four manufacturing and R&D companies. John also hosts CNC training classes.

Buying Tormach CNC Machine Tools

Tormach CNC Mill Models

Tormachs CNC mills are designed for personal use. Theyre specially sized to fit any space while still providing the same capabilities as a full-size industrial unit. Tormach emphasizes how easy it is to learn and use a Tormach mill, thanks to the pre-loaded software controls with the additional ability to run any custom G-code.

Mill Series Model Spindle Power Travel (X,Y,Z)
Tormach PCNC PCNC440 0.75 hp 10 x 6.25 x 13.25
Tormach 770 770M, 770M+, 770 MX 1.5 hp 14 x 7.5 x 13.25
Tormach 1100 1100M, 1100M+, 1100MX 2 hp 18 x 11 x 16.25

Tormach CNC Lathes

Tormach lathes only come in a single model, the 15L. However, the 15L is sold in packages that come with different combinations of features. For example, the Gang Turn package is configured for repeatable tool changes and includes a gang tool starter kit, a 5C collet closer, and other items, while the Turret Package comes with an 8-station turret, a full enclosure, and a turret coolant nozzle.

Tormac lathe units are a perfect fit for small shops, especially those that want to focus on prototyping and light production tasks. They are multipurpose units that can be reconfigured to use different options and upgrades, even if you start with a specific package.

Lathe Series Model Spindle Power Travel (X,Z)
Tormach 15L Turret package, Automation Package, Gang Turn Package, Education Package, Deluxe Education Package 3 hp 10 x 12