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The Haas VF3 is a 40-taper vertical machining center with a 40 x 20 x 25 travel. The base model comes with a 30 hp vector drive and a spindle speed of 8,100 rpm. (The VF3SS has 12,000 rpm max.) The standard VF3 Haas has a 20-station carousel tool change, 1,000 inches per minute rapids and 1 MB program memory. Some of the specialties of the VF3 include a 4th axis, rigid tapping, programmable coolant, remote jog handle, chip auger and more options. Consult one of our used Haas VF3 experts to help you identify the right Haas CNC mill for your business productions.

Used Haas VF3 For Sale

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Haas VF3 Controls

The Haas control makes the VMC (Vertical Machining Centers) easy to operate. The Haas VF3 controls come with one-button features to make common multi-step functions fast. For example, a tool offset can be reduced to the push of one button. Other common functions of the one-button function include setting work offsets, homing the machine and the selection of the next tool during setup. On a VF3 Haas, the jog-handle can be used in other modes to cursor through the program for overriding spindle speeds, faster editing, or to scan through offsets, parameters, etc. When buying a used VF3 Haas, ask if the controls have been updated. Youll want to consider what options you have to update that particular used Hass VF3 for sale.

DWO/TCP on a VF3 Haas

When looking for a VF-3 Haas CNC, consider asking if the DWO/TCP option is included. This stands for Dynamic Work Offsets and Tool Center Point Control. Its a software feature designed by Haas to increase productivity and reduce setup times. It makes setting up easy by allowing an operator to place the part and fixture anywhere on the machines table or platter. The machine will find it no matter the location that was programmed by the CAM system. DWO and TCPC determine the difference between the centers of rotation which are programmed in the CAM system and the centers of rotation inside the machine and applies the appropriate offsets. This saves money by eliminating costly work holding, like self-centering fixtures and the regeneration of programs by CAM systems.

Haas VF-3 Models & Specs

Here are the general specifications of the Haas VF3. Keep in mind that a Haas VF3 for sale that is older may vary in rapids (cutting speed), HP, thrust, and torque.

ModelTaperAxisSpindleTool CapacityTravels
Haas VF34038,100 RPM2040.0" x 20.0" x 25.0"
Haas VF3SS40312,000 RPM30+1 40.0" x 20.0" x 25.0"
Haas VF-3YT4038,100 RPM2040.0" x 26.0" x 25.0"
Haas VF-3SSYT40312,000 RPM30+1 40.0" x 26.0" x 25.0"
Haas VF-3YT/505037,500 RPM30+1 40.0" x 26.0" x 25.0"