History Of Makino CNC

Makino Vertical Milling Machine Works introduced Japans first NC milling machine in 1958 and pioneered in the development of Japans first machining center by 1966. In 1981 they entered the USA market by acquiring the LeBlond Machine Tool Company and launched machining systems for the Commercial Automatic Die and Mold Machining. The first 5-Axis controlled machining center was developed in 1984 and today they still produce numerous models of machining centers. Learn more about the Makino CNC machines to select the perfect ones for your application.

5 Axis Makino Horizontal Machining Centers

Makino makes high-accuracy, high-production 5-axis machines. They carry their series numbers from year to year expanding, improving and adding more model numbers with each innovation. As of 2018 the following series of 5-axis horizontal machining centers were available:

Makino MAG-Series for large to medium aluminum parts, great in the aircraft industry

Makino MCD-Series for machining hard metals like stainless steels and titanium

Makino T-Series 4 times the productivity over other machines for machining titanium

Makino G-Series Multi-function grinding, milling, and drilling for nickel-based alloys

Makino 1-Series Can be configured for full 5-axis horizontal machining applications for medical/aerospace

4 Axis Makino Horizontal Machining Centers

Below is a snapshot of the models offered in 2006 by Makino in the 4-Axis models. As of 2018, they still have many of the same base models but with improvements to the technology. It offers a glimpse into the past when considering the purchase of a used Makino CNC, but also parallels the current model numbers being offered. When purchasing a used horizontal machining center, you will need to read all the specifications including the year of production.

Makino Vertical Machining Centers

Today Makino continues to innovate and automate machining for all industries that need machined parts. Their Vertical Machining Centers (VMC) line differentiate from the competition with rapid acceleration/deceleration rates for tool changes, horsepower across the entire speed range, available torque for rapid metal removal and the ability to use enhanced cutting tools for high spindle rates. The most modern VMCs by Makino are the F-Series (2011- present), GF-Series (2013-present), L2-Series (2017-present), PS-Series (2013-present), IQ-Series (2013-present) and V-Series (2011-present). Many other models were made before then.

When shopping for a Makino vertical machining center a few general guidelines are as follows:

PS-Series A blend of speed, power, and flexibility. Three PS models are available now.

V-Series Minimizes thermal distortion for higher-quality finishes on dies/molds. More efficient than general purpose machines.

GF-Series For medium to large dies. High-torque, high-speed spindles.

F-Series Stiffness, and rigidity for chatter-free cutting, high-speed milling for hard materials, tight tolerances for complex 3-D contoured geometries

Makino RAM EDM Machines

The most recent RAM EDM series by Makino are the EDAC-Series, EDAF-Series, EDGE-Series, and EDNC-Series. They all offer special features for enhanced productivity, ease of operator use and high-quality part making capabilities.

Makino EDM Hole Drilling Machines

Makino currently offers three lines of EDM Hole Drilling machines. The EDAF-FH Series, EDBV-Series and EDFH Series all are equipped with impressive modern controls that are shared with other platforms.

Makino Graphite Machining Centers

Makino has been making graphite machining centers for years. These V-Series machines are the word Graphite to differentiate from their standard V-Series VMC line.