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Makino is a leading Japanese manufacturer of CNC machines. They were innovators in numerically controlled (NC) milling machines in the early 60's and introduced Japan's first machining center in 1966. Makino came to the United States when it merged with the LeBlond Machine Tool Company of Cincinnati in 1981. Today, Makino's headquarters are still there, just north of Cincinnati in Mason, OH. It has manufacturing and service centers around the world and produces high quality metal cutting and EDM machines.

Used Makino CNC Machines

From horizontal machining centers and vertical machining centers to 5-axis machining centers and graphite machining centers, Makino meets a wide range of application requirements.

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Makino CNC Machine Service Locations in the United States

One of the reasons machine shops prefer Makino CNC machines is the level of technical support available. Owners of Makino CNC machines can rely on support from Makino from strategically located service locations, as well as a diverse network of technicians. Technical training and support for any age Makino is available. Phone support is available at 888-625-4664.

Makino Support Locations include:

  • Auburn Hills, Michigan near the Chrysler Tech Center
  • SST Midwest in Elgin, Illinois
  • Makino California Tech Center in Fountain Valley, California
  • SST South in Madison, Alabama
  • Makino of Wichita, Kansas
  • SST Mid-Atlantic in Pinebrook, New Jersey
  • SST Wisconsin in Waukesha, Wisconsin
  • SST Southeast in Greer, South Carolina

Milling Makino CNC Machines

Makino CNC machines are milling machines that work for both horizontal and vertical applications, Horizontal and vertical milling machines include 3-axis, 4-axis, 5-axis with payloads up to 33,00 pounds and table/pallets sizes up to 157 long and 78 wide

Makino Models

Machine TypeMakino CNC Models
Vertical Machining CenterV22 Grapite, V33 Graphite, V56 Graphite, V77 Graphite, Makino F3, Makino F5, Makino PS65, Makino PS65, Makino V22, Makino V33, Makino V56, Makino V77, Makino V99, Makino GF6, Makino FNC106, Makino FNC1210, Makino S56, Makino SNC64GS, Makino V55
Horizontal Machining CentersMakino A100E, Makino a51, Makino a51nx, Makino a61, Makino a61nx, Makino a71, Makino a81, Makino a82, Makino a82M, Makino A88, Makino a92, Makino A99E, Makino A33, Makino MCB1210, Makino MCB1310, Makino MCC2013, Makino MCC2516
Grinding CNC MachinesG5 Makino, G7 Makino: X, Y and Z travels of 20 to 28, payloads up to 265 pounds
EDM MachinesEDAF2-FH and EDAF3-FH Series