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Since 1935, Matsuura has established itself as a leading innovator and manufacturer in 5 Axis CNC machine tool technology. In early 2000, the renowned brand from Japan seamlessly crossed over to become part of the American market by offering high speed machining centers equipped with 5 axis capabilities. If you're searching for used Matsuura CNC models with features such as 5 axis capability, twin spindles or high speed performance options, then the team at is ready to help you find the Matsuura machine tool best suited to your shop's needs.

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Matsuura CNC Machines for saleMatsuura Machinery USA, Inc. has been providing exceptional CNC machine tools since 1935. Their impressive range of 5 axis machining technologies include vertical and horizontal solutions powered by linear motors as well as multitasking machines with a powder bed metal AM platform providing unparalleled performance in heavy industrial applications.

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Matsuura Machinery Series

Series Description CNC Type Models
MX Series The Matsuura MX Series offers the perfect combination of precision, efficiency and affordability. These 5-axis machines boast high rigidity levels which make them capable of handling complex parts quickly and easily with automated solutions that won't break your budget. It's no surprise they're one of the most sought after series by professionals in any industry or material type. 5-Axis CNC Machine MX-330, MX-420, MX-520, MX-850
MAM72 Series The Matsuura MAM72 Series helps unlock maximum production potential with its high precision, unmanned capability and versatile design. Offering unparalleled cost savings in addition to exceptional repositioning accuracy, the series is designed for long term productivity, meaning you'll get more out of your work center day after day. 5-Axis CNC Machine MAM72-35V, MAM72-45V, MAM72-52V, MAM72-63V, MAM72-70V, MAM72-100H
CUBLEX Series Machining is transformed with the Matsuura CUBLEX Series. This series offers a combination of milling, turning and grinding capabilities all from one machine, resulting in increased precision with reduced cost and all with no human error in setup. Discover the next level of production results and start your journey with the revolutionary CUBLEX series today. 5-Axis Vertical CNC Machine CUBLEX-35, CUBLEX-63
VX Series Capable of delivering exceptional quality and performance, Matsuura's VX Series provides access to the latest in state of the art technology with accuracy that sets a benchmark for speed and rigidity. Combining features which have been previously offered as options with an investment cost opposed to its high caliber, these vertical machining centers are prepared to take on any challenge presented within a demanding manufacturing environment. Vertical Machining Centers VX-660, VX-1000, VX-1500