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For a heavy duty CNC Machine look no further than MultiCam. This trusted brand has been providing industrial solutions since their founding and specializes in producing high quality routers, plasma cutters, laser cutters and waterjet cutters perfect for any large scale project. So if you're looking to get the job done with precision and accuracy, have confidence knowing that the team at can help guide you towards an ideal match of product and application.

MultiCam CNC Machines

MultiCam CNC is an established manufacturer in the precision machine industry, having been founded nearly 30 years ago. Based out of Texas, USA they are renowned for producing machines built with speed and accuracy while also ensuring a high degree of ease of use. From woodworking to stone cutting, this versatile veteran CNC machine company offers machines well suited to a broad range of applications making them suitable for any number of professionals looking to increase output efficiency.MultiCam cnc machines for sale

As part of their comprehensive service package, MultiCam provides customers access to top tier training resources along with software accessories as needed - all backed up by fast & efficient customer support regardless of where you may be located. Whether needing help locally or abroad, rest assured that MultiCam has you covered worldwide through its branches & distributors around the globe.

Industries known to use MultiCam CNC

MultiCam CNC machines are used across a wide range of industries from woodworking to sign making and plastics fabrication. They can be easily implemented for cabinet making, furniture production, lettering engraving or cutting plastic parts with precision, thus offering a multitude of solutions for an array of applications. Some of the most common applications include:

  • Woodworking: Woodworkers rely on modern CNC machines to quickly, accurately and precisely craft a wide range of wood objects. From cabinet making and furniture building tasks to creating intricate carvings or detailed engravings, MultiCam CNC is the go to technology for these industries.
  • Sign Making: Precision and ease come together with MultiCam CNC routers, allowing you to craft the perfect sign or lettering design. These amazing machines can not only carve letters but also engrave and cut various materials like acrylics, foam board, and whatever else your creative mind desires.
  • Metalworking: MultiCam CNC machines are also used in the metalworking industry, where they offer specialized machines such as plasma cutting machines as well as waterjet and laser cutters that can be used to cut and shape metal.
  • Stone and tile cutting: MultiCam's advanced machinery has revolutionized stone, marble and tile cutting for the construction industry. The precision craftsmanship of these machines allows for perfectly shaped materials to be used in building projects with ease.
  • Aerospace and Automotive: MultiCam CNC machines are revolutionizing the aerospace and automotive industries by enabling intricate parts to be crafted with unparalleled accuracy. With these innovative tools, manufacturers can now craft complex components that meet even the highest standards of precision.
  • PCB drilling: A MultiCam CNC router is a versatile tool capable of helping you out with those PCBs and other electronic components. Not only can it cut tracks, but it can also drill holes too, making light work out of intricate tasks.
  • Engraving and Etching: MultiCam CNC machines can be used to craft complex designs and patterns on an array of different materials, including metal, glass, stone and beyond.
  • Prototyping: MultiCam CNC machines are invaluable in the production process, providing an easy and efficient way to build highly detailed models as well as parts for testing before embarking on large scale manufacturing.

Top Machines of MultiCam CNC Machines

When searching for a MultiCam branded CNC machine, our team can help you find the right model and specs to fit your needs. Some of the models we have in inventory or have previously sold include:

  1. MultiCam Celero: MultiCam's Celero Series CNC Routers are the ideal cutting solution for any industry, offering maximum efficiency with unparalleled capabilities. These advanced Flatbed Cutting Systems enable smooth and accurate motion on a range of rigid or flexible substrates and roll media all at lightning speeds! With easy to use programming features and customizable options to choose from, you can be sure that each system is tailored specifically to your business' needs. Each machine undergoes rigorous testing in MultiCams Dallas facility before being released onto the market, so you know your investment will pay dividends in precision performance.
  2. MultiCam CNC Routers: If you're looking for precision and speed, look no further than MultiCam's CNC routers. With a repeatability of 1/1000th of an inch, accuracy is ensured with every cut, whether it be thick industrial plastics or advanced materials like fiberglass and cladding. Additionally, the customizable options available on each router mean that all your production needs can easily be met; from small pieces using Apex 5R to large sheets thanks to the 5000 series.
  3. MultiCam CNC Waterjet: Struggling with budget or space constraints? MultiCam has a waterjet solution for you! From small shops to large businesses, MultiCam's diverse selection of CNC machines is tailored to fit all budgets and preferences. You won't have any worries about accuracy either as each machine comes equipped with certified laser calibration technology and heavy steel frames that ensure durability and stability while cutting.
  4. MultiCam CNC Plasma: Need a high quality CNC Plasma Cutting Table? Whether you're running an enterprise, small shop, or just starting out on your own, MultiCam has the right solution for every budget. Every plasma table comes with customizing options so it can be tailored to fit your particular needs and preferences. MultiCam's tables are built using precision laser calibration equipment and heavy steel frames, thus ensuring accuracy, durability and stability during cutting processes. Some of MultiCam's models even come preloaded with material databases of stored settings like feed rate and pierce delay, removing the need to reprogram them each time different materials are used.
  5. MultiCam CNC Laser: Get the perfect laser cutter for your business whether it's big or small. MultiCam offers Fiber Laser machines to fit any budget. With the customizable options that are available, you can find exactly what will meet your specific needs. Most importantly, all of MultiCam's lasers are calibrated using certified equipment in order to deliver the highest degree of precision.

We can help you find the right MultiCam CNC Machine

Looking for a CNC Router, Laser, Waterjet or Plasma? Our team of experienced professionals at can help you find the perfect MultiCam machine to meet your shop's needs. Get in touch today at (844) 262-6789 and let us show you why we're experts in finding exactly what your business requires.