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Haas Mini Mills are vertical mills that have a smaller foot print than its counter part Haas mill Vf models. All Haas Mini Mills are built with a 40-taper spindle shaft which is also used on most Haas VF models. Its spindle can go as fast at 15,000 RPM's with its "Super" Haas Mini Mill.

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Buying a Haas Mini Mill

The Haas mini mill series of machines have travel distances of either 16 x 12 x 10 or 20 x 16 x 14. These are compact, economical machining centers often used in schools, for start-up shops or as a first step in a CNC machining process. The mini-mills operate on single or three-phase power and hold up to 10 tools. The Super Mini Mill has a faster spindle speed and tool changer than the original Mini Mill. The least expensive version is the Mini Mill-EDU which was made as a limited edition for schools. The Mini Mill-EDU only has a tool capacity of one with a spindle speed of 4,000 RPM's.

Compact Machine Centers

The Haas Mini mill is the first step into CNC machining. Weather your a small manufacturer, CNC shop, or a start-up, the Haas Mini mills can help you with prototyping, and even smaller metalworking projects.

Haas Mini Mill Models & Specs

Mini Mill ModelTable SizeTaperSpindleTool Capacity
Haas Mini Mill16" X 12" X 10"406,000 RPM10
Haas Super Mini Mill16" X 12" X 10"4010,000 RPM10
Haas Mini Mill 220" X 16" X 14"406,000 RPM20
Haas Super Mini Mill 220" X 16" X 14"4010,000 RPM20
Haas Mini Mill-EDU16" X 12" X 10"404,000 RPM1