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Samsung CNC Machine Tools is a manufacturer of machining centers with a diverse product line including 2-axis CNC lathes, 3-axis CNC lathes, multi-axis CNC lathes, vertical machining centers, horizontal machining centers, and drill tap machines.

Used Samsung CNC Machines

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History of Samsung Product Lines and Technology Through Today

Samsung Machine Tools manufactures CNC machines in South Korea. In 1989 Samsung CNC machine building began as a division of one of the top three shipbuilding companies in South Korea. They made machines for Mori Seiki and Toshiba before spinning out as SMEC Co., LTD, Samsung Machine Tools. Samsung CNC machines are used in job shops as well as high volume production shops for many industries including medical, automotive and aerospace. Samsung CNC machines use FANUC CNC control.

Samsung has a network of dealers in the United States that support their equipment.

Selecting A Samsung CNC or Turning Center

Since there are so many models, shopping for Samsung CNC machines can be challenging, but we're here to help.

Buying A Samsung CNC Lathe

When buying a Samsung CNC lathe, keep in mind that the bar-feed max OD is a lot lower than the chuck capacity. For example, bar capacity for the SL 1500M, a 3-axis CNC lathe, is 2.05, while the max chuck OD is 6. The much bigger SL 45M with a 24 OD chuck capacity has bar feed max OD of 6.5. If you're buying for higher production volumes, then you'll want to pay the closest attention to the bar capacity, however, for prototyping flexibility and smaller quantities, the chuck diameter may be of most interest to you.

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Multi-Axis Samsung CNC Lathes

Samsung CNC Lathes

Many multi-axis CNC Lathes have sub-spindles which increase the complexity of part that can be produced. Parts begin machining in the main spindle. Live tooling and milling give a lot of flexibly to the types of parts. After working on the part in the main spindle, the part can be transferred to the sub-spindle where the back end of the part is turned and machined. The tooling turret, which runs on a Servo motor, has tooling stations for both the main and sub-spindles.