Tsugami Lathe

Tsugami is one of the worlds largest machine tool builders that specializes in technology for machining small parts. They pioneered many innovations in the development of CNC lathes with the sliding headstock, which are commonly known as Swiss-type lathes. Very small, precise parts, especially those that are long with small diameters, are well suited to Swiss-style CNC machines like the Tsugami.

Used Tsugami CNC Machines

tsugami cnc

Tsugami makes many types of CNC including vertical machining centers, horizontal machining centers, cylindrical grinding machines, precision turning centers, and various multi-tasking CNC. However, they pioneered and made so many Swiss machines that machine shops often thought of the name Tsugami as synonymous with Swiss machine.

Facts at Tsugami Corporation

  • Headquarters in Tokyo, Japan
  • Founded in 1937 at Tsugami Corporation
  • Plants in Japan, China and India, with distribution worldwide

Selecting a Tsugami Automatic Screw Machine

Tsugami Swiss-type automatic screw machines are available for chuck sizes up to 38mm. When you buy a machine, check for the following information including:

  • Max bar stock diameter (buy larger than, but close to the OD of finished parts for best results)
  • Max machining length
  • Spindle speed & power (affects types of material and speed of cutting)
  • Back spindle speed & power (this is the second, usually less powered spindle that works on the other side of parts)
  • Number of Axes (X1, Y1, Z1, X2, Z2 for example)
  • Rapid Traverse Rate (affects cycle times)
  • Tool Storage Capacity (number of tools determines part complexity possible)
  • Type of control (Fanuc controls are typical)
  • Material handling: parts conveyors and chutes (for better part collection automation)
  • Chip conveyor (how often and easy is it to remove chips?)
  • Mist collection system (for a cleaner shop)
  • High-Pressure Coolant System (faster cooling at point of cutting for faster, more aggressive chip removal, less heat-distortion)
  • Live tooling options (drilling, tapping, reaming other functions besides turning)

Tsugami Barfeeders

Bar feeders are sold separately most of the time. These greatly enhance the productivity of the Tsugami screw machine and CNC turning centers. When a Tsugami CNC machine is properly set up with bar feeders, tooling, coolant, etc, it can run many hours unattended. Some shops even allow these machines to run lights out for entire weekends without issues.