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The V in the VF series refers to vertical, ( Haas Vertical Mills ) and the F1 was unofficially called the Very First One. They caused quite a stir in the industry because no American manufacturer had ever offered machining centers for under $50,000 when it was introduced in 1988. In our used Haas machines listing you will find that the VF1 has evolved over the years.

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The earlier Haas mill models had considerably lower horsepower, coming it as low as 7.5, as compared to the 2018 version which is 30 hp. The progressing speed has been amped up from only 20 blocks per second to 2000 bocks per second on newer models. Of course, computer technology has changed, and the processing speed has hugely improved over the years. When selecting your next used VF series vertical milling machine, youll want to consider not only the size and power of the VMC but also the communication method (Ethernet, USB, Wi-Fi) and processing speed.

Selecting a Model in the VF Series

Type Avg Price Top Models More Specs
40 Taper Haas Mill $65,000 VF-3, VF-4, VF-5, VF-6, VF-7, VF-8, VF-9, VF-12 VF/YT Specs
Haas Super Speed $77,000 VF-3SS, VF4-SS, VF-5SS, VF6-SS, VF9-SS, VF-10SS VFSS Specs
50 Taper Haas Mill $98,000 VF-3YT/50, VF-5/50, VF-5/50TR, VF-5/50XT VF/50 Specs
Haas 5 Axis Mill $158,000 VF-5/40TR, VF-5/50TR VF/TR Specs

The VF Series of Haas CNC mills comes in three basic categories by size: small, medium and large. As the series number goes up, the size goes up. There are used Haas VF machines in these model numbers since Haas has kept many of them in production without changing the basic configuration. Small: The smallest in the series begins with VF-1 or VF-2 and have platforms ranging from 20 x 16 x 20 (X, Y, Z) to 30 x 20 x 20. A VF-2YT adds size at 20 x 16 x 20 and is only slightly more than the standard VF-2 which comes in at 30 x 16 x 20. Both come standard with 20 tool capacity and 3-axis. For both speed and size, the VF-2SSYT has 12,000 RPM, 40 tapers and capacity for 31 tools.

The VF-2TR indicates a Trunnion CNC Vertical mill which is 5-Axis and holds more tools than the standard VF-2. Medium: The VF-3, VF-4 and VF-5, and their variations make up the medium size VF Series VMC for Haas. The standard VF-3 is 40 x 20 x 25. The YT variation adds 6 to the Y-Axis. The VF-4 travel is 50 x 20 x 25 and the VF-5 is 50 x 26 x 25. As in other models, the SS is also available for faster spindle speeds. Large: The VF-6, VF-8, VF-9, and VF-10 are the largest. Many come in 40 and 50 Taper, and SS. The travel sizes range from 64 x 32 x 30 for the VF-6 to 150 x 32 x 30 for the VF-12/50.

Haas Rotary Table & Fixturing Accessories Available on Some Used Haas VF CNCSYou may find a Haas VF for sale with a rotary table. Youll see these listed along with the VF with model numbers like HRT160, HRT160SS, HRT210, HRC210, HRT210-2, etc. These add 4th axis capability for round parts to odd-shaped castings. All Haas mills with this added to the Haas control gain multi-axis capability. Haas also has a wide range of work holding solutions from tailstocks to quick-change fixture plates to manual scroll chucks. You will want to inquire about any additional fixturing tooling that may be included with your used VF Haas CNC. New, the small rotary tables cost between $9,000 and $10,500 and medium tables (the HRT210 and HRT310 series) run between $10,500 to $16,000. Since you can boost your production with high-precision rotary products, they may be well worth the extra expense.

Haas CNC VF Controls

The Haas control makes their VMC (Vertical Machining Centers) easy to operate. Even models going to back to the year 2000 had Haas-only features like Word Processor Editing to help operators easily make changes. They carried features like one-touch, multi-function jog-handle and quick code programming even these early machines. Haas provides a robust dependable control that is integrated with the Haas CNC machine. Haas VF model machines have dedicated keypads with a full array of keys including a complete alphanumeric keypad with all common functions clearly labeled for operator use.

Operators dont need to remember any encrypted codes. Keep in mind, if you are buying an older Haas, you may be able to update the control with a third-party vendor. The Haas CNC VF controls come with one-button features to make common multi-step functions fast. For example, a tool offset can be reduced to the push of one button. Other common functions of the one-button function include setting work offsets, homing the machine and selection the next tool during setup. The jog-handle on most CNC machines is used to only move the axis around. But on the Haas VF, the jog-handle can be used in other modes to cursor through the program for overriding spindle speeds, faster editing, or to scan through offsets, parameters, etc. Newer Haas Mill models have: HaasConnect Remote Monitoring Ethernet connectivity DWO/TCPC (see below) User-Definable Macros Wi-Fi Connectivity Expandable Memory

Haas DWO/TCP Option

When looking for a Haas VF model, consider asking if the DWO/TCP option is included. This stands for Dynamic Work Offsets and Tool Center Point Control. Its a software feature designed by Haas to increase productivity and reduce setup times. It makes setting up easy by allowing an operator to place the part and fixture anywhere on the machines table or platter.

The machine will find it no matter the location that was programmed by the CAM system. DWO and TCPC determine the difference between the centers of rotation which are programmed in the CAM system and the centers of rotation inside the machine and applies the appropriate offsets. This saves money by eliminating costly work holding, like self-centering fixtures and the regeneration of programs by CAM systems.