Haas Vertical Mill Machines

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Haas VMC or also known as Haas vertical mills are one of the major series of Haas models purchased in the US. From its humble starts of the first cheap VF model called the Haas VF-1 ( The V was for "vertical"). Haas has created the standards to amazing cnc mills for a budget friendly price.

Haas Vertical Mills

haas vertical mill

When selecting your Haas VMC, youll want to take into consideration both your current and future needs for size, speed, versatility, power, and precision. Machines will vary by size taper, the number of axis (which determines part complexity), the spindle rpm (revolutions per minute) and tool capacity, among other things.

Haas Milling Machines & CNC Machining Centers

  • VF Series Haas Vertical Milling Machines
  • Ramping up Speed on Vertical Milling Machines
  • Haas VR Series Vertical Machining Centers
  • Haas UMC Series Universal Machining Centers
  • Haas Mini Mill Series
  • Haas Drill-Tap Series (DRILL/TAP/MILL SERIES)
  • Haas Gantry Series
  • Compact Mill Series
  • Toolroom and Mold Machines Series

You can speed up your selection process by learning more about the various series of milling machines that Haas offers, Check out our Haas VF Models and Our used Haas Mills inventory.