Selecting a Mazak INTEGREX

The Mazak Integrex Product Line Began with the e-Series. The Integrex e-Series was first introduced in September 2001, and since then hundreds of models of both horizontal and vertical milling machines, 5-axis machining centers and lathes have been introduced to the market by Mazak under the name INTEGREX. The e-series was just the beginning. Today there are Mazak Integrex machines that make many types of products. Because of the number of machines on the market, its never been easier to shop and find a used Mazak Integrex price with specifications right at your fingertips.

Multi-tasking CNC machining centers

The Mazak INTEGREX line includes the e-Series in horizontal and vertical milling configurations, the IV Series, the I series and the IVS series. They are multi-tasking CNC machining centers that complete operations in single setups. Turning, milling, boring, drilling and much more are Done-in-One for parts of many sizes, including very small and complex parts. Over the years Mazak has made numerous versions of each machine. There are hundreds of specific models which can make shopping for a used Mazak Integrex for sale challenging, but were here to help. If the information this guide does not answer your questions, you can text or call one of our Mazak CNC experts would be glad to speak with you at 844-262-6789.

As of 2018, Mazak offers the following over 40 different machines under the INTEGREX model name including multiple CNC machines with each of these series INTEGREX 2018, INTEGREX e-H, INTEGREX e-Ramtec, INTEGREX e-V, INTEGREX I, INTEGREX I AM, INTEGREX i-V and INTEGREX i.