Mazak Lathe

Selecting a Mazak Lathe or Turning Center

Mazak is the leading manufacturer of CNC lathes worldwide, and as such, they have many models under a wide range of series names that have changed throughout the years. Because the CNC lathes often have more machining abilities than turning only, they are commonly referred to as turning centers. The series names alone in 2018 for Mazak turning centers include the Cybertech Turn, Dual Turn, HQR, Integrex series (see below), Mega, Mega Turn, Multiplex II, Multiplex W, Orbitec, QT-Primos, QTU, Quick Turn, Quick Turn 6G, Quick Turn Nexus, Slant Turn, SVC and Turning Center. Mazak currently offers the numerous turning centers under the Integrex model name including Integrex e-H, Integrex e-Ramtec, Integrex I and Integrex j.